Our Products

Islamically significant - Educationally precious - Ecological and ethical friendly:

Himatoys offers high-quality, eco-friendly toys for children that are mainly designed based on Islamic ethical values.

Our products are islamically significant, educationally precious as well as ecological and ethical friendly.

– Islamically significant

himatoys introduces Islamic basic knowledge and values to children in a playful way. The products are entirely developed based upon the Quran and Sunnah. The contents can be adapted step by step depending on the age and understanding level of a child.


– Educationally precious:

At himatoys, we believe in quality over quantity. Good toys are those which unfold the creativity and imagination of children that inspire active and creative play. Our toys are versatile, and have a harmonious and color-coordinated design which can be used for a long time.


– Ecological and ethical friendly:

The materials used in himatoys are completely natural and carefully selected. The wood comes from sustainable forest management and is provided with the FSC seal. The fabrics used in our Soft-Toys are produced mainly from controlled biological cultivation, and partially GOTS certified.

As much as we focus on producing excellent quality toys, it is also our belief that fair working conditions encourage a healthy, happy and motivated workforce; emphasizing a fundamentally correct Islamic attitude towards our fellow human beings.

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